Why Being an Entrepreneur is Hard.

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Everyone dreams of having financial independence and do whatever they want without being ordered around by a boss. However, many people don’t achieve this because of a number of factors. If you ask them they will either give you a genuine reason or an excuse for not achieving this.

Being an entrepreneur is hard regardless of how much people try to make it sound it easy. If you see successful people around you who are entrepreneurs, there are many who overcame challenges and had a great deal of perseverance.

Diving in the entrepreneurial world means you are entering a world of uncertainty. Unlike your job where you know exactly how much you earn each month, you don’t know how much you will make, that is if you are lucky to make money. There are many things involved in entrepreneurship that would need a lot of attention and time. There are numerous websites out there that pedal the b.s. of how easy it is to be an entrepreneur.

There will be months where you find you have made a lot of money, and the next you make very little. This is scary for most people, especially people with family and dependents. However, the risk can be worth it if you work hard and make even more than your expectations.

Another thing making entrepreneurship hard is the fact that you might have to spend a little time with family and friends. You will spend most of your time on your business when starting out. This can go on for many years until you have enough money to hire people to do some of the work for you.

One thing that is most common among successful entrepreneurs is the passion they have. Whether it be working with Toledo SEO, or hammering away in another industry, the passsion and time it takes is unmeasurable. They love what they do and won’t stop at nothing till they achieve their goals. This lightens the process of being an entrepreneur and helps them focus on achieving their targets.

Technology is making business a team sport – #UnitedByHCL

Technology is making business a team sport – #UnitedByHCL

Welcome to business in the 21st century. Today, it’s not the product or service that wins the match. It’s the experience. And those in the business of creating great experiences, know it can’t be done in isolation. It needs collaboration across boundaries and disciplines. It demands unparalleled agility, and the ability to change course in the face of adversity. Today, technology allows us the freedom to deliver these experiences like no era in history.
It is on this new and exciting playing field, that we come together.
Not to form a partnership, but a team. A team that stands united till the final whistle. And beyond. Because in the 21st century, technology is making business a team sport.

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The Unstoppable Entrepreneur #1

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur #1

Unstoppable Entrepreneur is being launched by Jonathan Budd, a 26 year old multi-millionaire and CEO of Empowered Entrepreneurs. Jonathan has done a number of launches but considers this to be his most exciting. Jonathan’s goal with this launch is ‘to create a BOAT load of opportunity for my partners this year … and really broaden the field that you and I can play in.’ Up until now Jonathan has largely been involved in the network marketing field but this new product will allow him to reach entrepreneurs from every different field and not be limited to a particular niche.

Source: http://theunstoppableentrepreneur.com/

Kerbal Spaceships are Serious Business – Part 3

Kerbal Spaceships are Serious Business – Part 3

We’re still waiting for the boys in the lab to deliver bigger and more powerful engines, meanwhile Realism Overhaul updates have fixed the problems with tiny fairings, but introduced much more temperamental engines and parachute resizing problems.

The Number 1 Skill That Entrepreneurs Use in Their Business- Antony Robbins

The Number 1 Skill That Entrepreneurs Use in Their Business- Antony Robbins

The Number 1 Skill That Entrepreneurs Use in Their Business- Antony Robbins
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Anthony Robbins shares the #1 Skill Your Business Needs to Survive PLUS outlines the 7 forces that can see your business dominate.

WARNING:Anthony Robbins will, at times, deliberately
use shocking language in order to establish an atmosphere
of honesty and emotional authenticity.
While not given a place in polite society,
these words can be used to trigger deeper
emotions and is used strategically throughout his programs.

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นิพนธ์ สุวรรณประสิทธิ์ 1-9-58 On Business Line & Life

นิพนธ์ สุวรรณประสิทธิ์ 1-9-58 On Business Line & Life

ทีเด็ดของ กรรมการผู้จัดการใหญ่ บล.ไอร่า จำกัด (มหาชน) แนะนำ

Mark Cuban: The One Secret That All Successful Entrepreneurs Know

Mark Cuban: The One Secret That All Successful Entrepreneurs Know

Learn How To Build Your Own 6-Figure Empire Online http://bit.ly/1iY23wm

Mark Cuban is the owner of the NBA basketball team the Dallas Mavericks. He’s built many successful businesses over his career. Mark Cuban’s resume speaks for itself. There’s a reason why some people are successful but most people fail. The reason can be found in this interview. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Eminem – Business (Matoma Remix)

Eminem – Business (Matoma Remix)

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Young Entrepreneurs: Under 30 and On Fire

Young Entrepreneurs: Under 30 and On Fire

Young Entrepreneurs: Under 30 and On Fire
Stanford University
Cemex Auditorium | Stanford University
655 Knight Way
Stanford, CA
Tuesday, January 21, 2014

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VLAB is back with one of the most anticipated events of the year: Young Entrepreneurs – Under 30 and On Fire. We are tapping into the minds of some of the most successful innovators under 30 in the heart of Silicon Valley. They are doing it all: raising money, leading talented teams and steering their vision forward.

Five young entrepreneurs, all under the age of 30 will share their stories as they inspire us with the power of their ideas and their relentless passion to execute.

Moderated by Adam Draper, CEO and Founder of Boost Incubator, our panel will feature:

Michael Carter, CEO at Game Closure, raised M to tackle the hardest problems in mobile gaming and is recognized by W3C for his initial design of the HTML5 WebSocket real-time technology that is used in all modern web browsers

Melody McCloskey, CEO at StyleSeat, a woman entrepreneur recognized in 2010 by Business Insider as a Silicon Valley 100

James Tamplin, CEO & Co-Founder at Firebase, a co-founder of a realtime application platform that allows developers to synchronize data instantaneously

Lat Ware, Founder at Crooked Tree Studios, a game developer who successfully launched a game with telekinesis like powers on Kickstarter

Marcus Weller, Ph.D., CEO & Chairman of Skully Helmets, the CEO of a heads-up display motorcycle helmet which won the coveted DEMO God award at their 2013 launch

MR 8/31/15 – Malcolm Harris: Unfunny Business of College Humor & Matthew Lesser: Student Debt Relief

MR 8/31/15 – Malcolm Harris: Unfunny Business of College Humor & Matthew Lesser: Student Debt Relief

Good morning Majority Report listeners! On today’s M&M Monday Malcolm Harris (@BigMeanInternet) an editor at New Inquiry will join us to discuss his new piece The unfunny business of college humor and Connecticut State Rep Matthew Lesser (@MattLesser) will join us to discuss how state level progressives are helping lead the fight for student debt relief. We are live at noon eastern time!

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Words Of Wisdom from Self Made Female Millionaire & Billionaire Entrepreneurs

Words Of Wisdom from Self Made Female Millionaire & Billionaire Entrepreneurs

Compiled by http://oaklinenotes.com/
Courtesy of http://www.mycomeup.com/

Advice from the worlds most successful business women including Including Oprah Winfrey, J.K Rowling, Sara Blakely, Tamara Mellon, Barbara Corcoran, Sophia Amoruso, Folorunsho Alakija, Tory Burch, Kelly Hoppen.


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